Dear Friends,
          I have been here at St. Eulalia’s for just over a month.  Fr. Rudy has been here since the beginning of July.  I am happy to report that both of us, (for the most part), have finished emptying our moving boxes.  Now, my biggest problem is remembering where I put this, that and other thing.
        We have all been on our individual journeys of faith and many of you have been journeying together as St. Eulalia’s Parish for a number of years.  Now Fr. Rudy and I join you to continue our individual journeys, but to also journey as a faith community and “to strive to proclaim the gospel values of Jesus Christ by being examples of charity, justice, peace, hope and equality.”
       In looking over our web page, prior to writing this, I was struck by the prominence of the word, “Welcoming.”   To those who might read this and not be familiar with St. Eulalia’s Parish community, I would like to testify that this is not just a “word” in our Mission Statement or on our web page, but a lived reality here at St. Eulalia’s.  To the parishioners of St. Eulalia, I want to express our thanks for your warm welcome to us and our Blessed Sacrament Community.
      As The Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament, we, as religious, follow what we call the Rule of Life.  In number 41 of that Rule, it describes the parishes we serve as
        “… places of proclamation and the living of the gospel,
        places of prayer, Eucharistic adoration and festive celebration,
        places of sharing and fellowship,
        places of freedom and human development.”
I hope you see some of the similarities that I see between this number of our ROL and the Mission Statement of Saint Eulalia’s.
       May God bless all of us as we continue our journey together!
                  Fr. Mike Arkins, S.S.S.


  Welcome! Welcome!

  to  Saint Eulalia

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